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5 Important Uses for Tarpaulin Covers

When you think of tarpaulin covers, you probably think of a plastic cover many people use in their garden or garage. But a tarpaulin is an extremely versatile piece of gear that has a range of unique uses. In this post, our team of specialist tarpaulin manufacturers will show you some of the uses for the humble tarpaulin, and the industries we regularly work with in Shrewsbury.

Shelter and Emergencies

One of the most unknown uses for tarpaulin is for shelter and during emergencies. Throughout the world, survival training involves learning how to turn a simple tarpaulin sheet into a shelter.

We regularly supply tarpaulin sheets and waterproof covers to the camping and leisure sector in Shrewsbury because our products are lightweight but waterproof and tear-resistant – perfect for emergencies and shelters.

Haulage covers

Tarpaulin covers are a crucial part of the haulage industry. Lorries and other HGVs need tarpaulin to protect payloads and keep goods safe.

We regularly manufacture and supply roll over sheets that are fitted to lorries in Shrewsbury. These are flexible and made-to-measure to help a range of haulage industries travel safely.


Boats need specialised covers that protect them from harsh coastal weather. Without heavy-duty, waterproof covers, the exterior of a boat will quickly become worn and need more frequent upkeep.

Tarpaulin covers are perfect for boats because they can be manufactured to fit perfectly and come with special accessories to secure them to the boat without causing damage.

Home and Garden

Tarps are incredibly useful in homes and gardens, too. From covering up a leaky roof to collecting garden waste, a tarpaulin is versatile and comes in handy in any DIY project at home.

Many of our clients in Shrewsbury are homeowners and use our budget tarpaulins for ground cover, garden equipment cover, vehicle cover, and construction cover.


You might not think about tarpaulins when it comes to recreation, but they are perfect if you have little ones. Tarpaulins are waterproof and UV-resistant, so make great garden mats in the summer that are very easy to clean.

They are also perfect for building dens and forts, and can even be used as a slip-and-slide in the summertime.

This one often passes people by. Don’t forget there’s no end of fun to be had if you have a tarp handy:

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