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5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Event Marquee

Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, anniversary party, or wedding, hiring a marquee is a fantastic venue option. Not only do you get much more control over the event when you hire out a marquee, but you also have much more flexibility over the location. If you’re thinking about hiring an event marquee in Shrewsbury, there are five important things to consider.

Ground type

This is the first important consideration you’ll need to think about. Marquees can be set up on either grass or a hard surface like concrete. If it’s on grass, you might want flooring put down to make it easier to walk through – but this might increase the cost.

On the other hand, if you’re happy for the interior to be grassy, it’s actually easier and quicker to set up a marquee on grass. If you’re unsure what would work best, our team can give you advice on this important decision when you’re looking for a location.

Event type

Different events need different set-ups, so it’s important to let us know well in advance what sort of event you’re hosting.

Our team take care of everything from the marquee set-up to chair covers and the bar arrangement.

If it’s a wedding, there might be some extra provisions like additional tables or a photobooth – all of that will be taken into account when choosing the right size and configuration.

Access to the site

If you’ve found the perfect location, make sure you’re aware of any restrictions that might affect your marquee hire. From road access issues to special requests from the venue owners, we need to know everything in advance so we have plenty of time to set up.

Remember, not all venues allow marquees, so ask in advance so you’re not let down.

Number of guests

There are limits on how many people can stand and/or sit inside a marquee, so we need to know a rough estimate of your guest list so we can advise you of the marquee size you’ll need.

There is more wiggle room when you hire a marquee, but you want to make sure your guests fit inside the tent comfortably.

Power source

You’ll need a power source for the lighting, DJ booth, fridges, etc., so make sure the location you’ve chosen has access to hook-ups. Most wedding and part venues that allow marquees will offer this.

However, if you’ve chosen a field, we’ll need to know in advance so we can let you know the kind of generators that will be required.

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