Quality Tarpaulin Sheets in Shrewsbury

Whether you need to gather garden rubbish, cover your outdoor furniture, or want to cover your car in your drive, we have the perfect tarpaulin sheets for you. Our team in Shrewsbury can manufacture budget tarpaulin products for a range of domestic uses without compromising on quality. Our products are built to last and will get the job done, whatever that might be.

Tarpaulin sheet

Our Tarpaulin:

  • Budget tarpaulin
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Car/van covers
  • Garden covers
  • Tarpaulin accessories

Garden tarpaulin

Our clients in Shrewsbury often come to us for garden tarpaulin. We provide a superior product that is waterproof, tear-resistant, and made to your requirements.

You can use our tarpaulin to protect your garden furniture or equipment, transport garden waste, or simply provide your kids with a safe play sheet that’s easy to clean and store.

A range of domestic uses

Our budget tarpaulin sheets and covers can also be used for a range of other applications around your home. From covering your pride and joy in the driveway to saving your floors from paint splatters during painting, we believe every home benefits from quality tarpaulin.

At JFT Tarpaulins, we have a range of tarpaulins and accessories for any domestic application, all at fantastic prices. Give our team a call today to get a free quote: 01948 840 742

Tarpaulins in Shrewsbury free quote


"A friendly team that supply fantastic quality marquees custom made to the right size. Highly recommended for events!"


Our quality tarpaulin products are perfect for trailer and boat covers, equipment protection, construction sheeting, roof shelters, and more. We are the chosen supplier for countless contractors in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire & Mid Wales and are known for our commitment to quality. Whether you're looking for heavy-duty tarpaulins or want to enquire about our bespoke marquees for your venue, call our team today: 01939 232006